The study of Science at the Yaba College of Technology will provide you with a deep understanding of the world around you and equip you with the skills to help society grasp the opportunities and solve the problems of the 21st Century. The knowledge and competencies you acquire with an ND/HND from the School of Science, Yaba College of Technology, will present you with a wide array of career opportunities upon graduation in the field of Science Laboratory Technology and Statistics.

As a student in the School of Science, Yaba College of Technology, your experience will include the following: You will be studying at the first Higher Institution of Learning in Nigeria and one of the most high ranked Schools in the College. You will be taught by some of Nigeria seasoned lecturers and researchers with many of our lecturers having PhDs in the various fields of Science.Studying with such researchers provides you with an education based on recent advancements. You will have ready access to excellent teaching and research facilities.

You will also be able to enjoy the vast recreational and cultural opportunities offered by a large cosmopolitan city of Lagos in a warm environment. Afolake O. Dawodu PhD Dean, School of Science Dr.S.A Ojokuku Sub Dean, School of Science.

About the School

When the School system started in 1985, the School of Science formerly known as the School of Applied Science was one of the five Schools in the College until 1996 when more Schools were created. At inception in the mid-seventies, the School had only two departments - Mathematics/Physics Department arid Science Technology Department.The continued growth of the School as the School of Applied Sciences led to the emergence of six full-fledged departments viz: 1. Mathematics and Statistics Department 2. Science Laboratory Technology Department 3. Food Technology Department 4.Catering and Hotel Management Department 5. Polymer/Textile Technology Department 6. Computer Technology Department.

In 1998, the College restructured some academic programmes, where the department of Science Laboratory Technology was splitted into three departments namely: Biological Science Chemical Science Physical Science Hence the above eight academic departments emerging from the erstwhile School of Applied Science became reorganized into the School of Technology and the School of Science and Mathematics.The School of Science and Mathematics operated with four departments namely: Biological Science Chemical Science Physical Science and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics In 2003 the department of Mathematics and Statistics eventually evolved into two departments, as Statistics Department and Mathematics Department In January, 2001, the School of Science and Mathematics was changed to its present nomenclature of School of Science.The School has the following Departments at present:

1. Department of Biological Science

2. Department of chemical Science

3. Department of Physical Science

4. Department of Statistics

5. Department of Mathematics

The School offers the National Diploma in Statistics and Science Laboratory Technology while the Higher National Diploma is offered in all departments (except mathematics Department) in various options.

The objective of study at the School is to prepare future Scientists for individual decision making and creative scientific work as entrepreneurs and in industrial companies, business and other organizations for research activities and scientific work. Extensive laboratory training is provided to ensure that students obtain advanced experimental skills and experience during their studies.

The School aims at producing Technologists with sound theoretical background and practical orientation not only to enable them cope more easily with the present day industrial demands but also adapt to the ever changing technological environment.