Before 1981, the College operated on departmental basis and by that time there were Department of Mathematics and Science Department of Civil Engineering and so on. In 1981, the schools system commenced with five Schools including School of Science and Technology under which was the Department. Physics and Mathematics, Statistics was then introduced in this department as a programme with mathematical bias-admitting Students with only a minimum of five credits at Olevels including mathematics and economics. In 1984/85 Session, in accordance with the NBTES regulation, the name of the Department was changed to Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Also, when in 1985/86 Session Computer Science was introduced into the department as a programme, the name was again changed to Department of Mathematics and Computer Science to reflect the status. Again in 1989, the department of Computer Science was carved out of the department and the name became department of Mathematics and Statistics.

The Department was later split into two in 2005 into Department of Mathematics and Department of Statistics. The Statistics Department of Yaba College of Technology offers courses leading to the award of National Diploma (ND) Full-Time and Part-Time Programmes in Statistics. The full-time programmes last for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of four years while part-time programmes last for a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years. The pioneer HND graduates in Statistics graduates in Statistics graduated in 1988 from the department.

HOD: Mr. Aromolaran, Adeyemi Davids